Prayer. Purpose. Praise. Perspective

One day I woke up and I thought I could do better, I can be better. I was starting to get complacent, and I was stuck in a daily routine: Wake up, go to work, go to class, finish homework, go to sleep, repeat. As a college student and for anyone for that matter- it is so easy to get stuck in a continuous cycle of simply completing the things scheduled for the day. I would check off my “to do” list of responsibilities and then end the day. I was not apart of anything bigger than myself. I was going through the motions every day worrying solely about what needed to be done but what I realized is there was so much I was missing. Sometimes there comes a time when you have to ask yourself, “Am I a part of something bigger than myself?” One day I woke up and I prayed, I found my purpose, and praised God before beginning my day. I want to share my results with you. I cannot simply be better, or do better on my own. I wanted to make a change in my life so I started with God, and began with prayer.

Prayer– “A request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or a form of worship.” The very moment you wake up is crucial; Put God first, and include Him in your day. When I first made a point to pray every morning, I found myself praying only for myself. Praying for yourself is not a bad thing, but it is definitely not the only thing. Deeper into this process, I found myself praying for others. More importantly, I started praying that God would use me in a different way than ever before and in a result, God gave me a heart for others that I had never experienced. I had remembered hearing about their struggles, and I so badly wanted healing, restoration, joy or whatever they needed to come into effect over their lives. People started coming into my life and I didn’t know why at the moment, but I remember saying something as simple as, “I’ll be praying for you, or for someone in their family who needed prayer. Also, something I said would make them laugh, and they would make it a point to tell me, “I really needed that today.” These seem like simple things, but I began to focus on the small things that I was doing for people: bits of encouragement I could throw their way, or anytime I could make someone laugh who was having a rough day. I found that I began figuring out how to share God’s love with someone else through my expressions. It was all through my actions. I wouldn’t have to bring up Christianity or Jesus, but somehow they made a point to bring it up in conversation. When starting my journey of beginning every morning with prayer, God opened my eyes to more than I had ever seen before. I was fixed on more than myself. I was fixed on how God could use me for that given day. When meeting new people, or conversing with others I never had to ask them, “Do you know Jesus?” I noticed that they were the ones bringing it up. You can bring the love of God into your college, your workplace, or even your home through your actions. You do not have to “shove Jesus down someone’s throat.” If you’re doing the right thing, you’re following God’s plan, you’re encouraging and sharing the love with others, they will more than likely come to you and ask you about Jesus. Do not fixate on how you can witness to someone because I can assure you will be surprised about how natural it can happen. It’s as simple as being loving, kind, and showing you care. Every time I have told someone about Jesus was when they brought it up in conversation. This is not how witnessing to someone will turn out 100% of the time, but by showing you care, loving on them, and encouraging them they will be more open to either bring it up themselves or listen to you when the time comes. The focus should not be on witnessing. Rather, the focus should be on just being a witness. I was no longer worried about what I needed to do for myself, but how God could use me. I found my purpose.

Purpose- “The reason for which something is done or which something exists.” Through prayer, I had found my purpose. My purpose in life was more than just finishing a “to-do list” and ending the day. Every new day, I had a new purpose. It was important to pray and ask God what my purpose would be. Waking up with intention was a newfound motivation for me to take on life in a new way. I didn’t want to just exist anymore. I wanted to live; I wanted to live with purpose. I woke up intending to do great things. I woke up with intentions to go to work and class. However, I became focused on the way I completed my daily schedule. Yes, I still had to attend to my daily responsibilities, but I now had purpose attached to everything I was doing. You may think what you’re doing is not meaningful. However, have you asked God to show you why you work at the place you work, or why you attend the college you attend? If you attach purpose to the one thing you have to do, and you involve God in your daily schedule, It will be clear why you are in the situation that you are in. God will place people in your workplace, your college, or an organization you are apart of, that need the love of God. They may need encouragement, something to smile about, or they may need to hear, “God has it under control.” It doesn’t need to be some elaborate sermon. A simple phrase to let them know that you care is all they may need. Everything you do should have a purpose behind it. Do not go to work or school because you have to, go because you get to and because there’s a deeper purpose attached to it. You may not know what your purpose is, but you need to praise Him until you find your purpose and praise him in order to continue your purpose.

Praise– Express warm approval or admiration of. Finding my purpose through prayer caused me to praise God, and in turn, he showed me the true meaning of praise. I knew that in any situation I was in, good or bad; God always deserved praise. No matter what, I realized that God chose me, he set me apart and called me to do big things. He died for me and rose again three days later. He loves me more than anyone else possibly could. He has given me unique gifts, and a unique purpose for life. It’s not always easy to praise God through a storm, but if you trust Him and not let circumstances phase you, He’ll pull you out of it. If you adopt this mentality, you‘ll have the strength to help others through difficult times. You would have a story to share with others of what it’s like to praise God through a storm and see Him pull you out of it. God wants to bless you, but you have to take action. Praise God, even if you’re in an unfortunate situation because God deserves to be praised regardless of circumstance, solely because of who He is, what He’s done, and what He’s going to do. Praising God through every situation will change your perspective on your life. You’ll begin to see yourself, how God sees you.

Perspective- “A particular attitude toward, or way of regarding something; a point of view.” Praying, following God’s purpose, and praising Him solely for who He is will cause you to change your perspective on life. Praying for how God will use you to help others, finding your purpose, taking action, and praising God through every situation will create you into the best version of yourself. Taking the focus off of yourself and allowing God to use you to help others is motivation to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Without knowing it, your life will also change.

If you ever wake up thinking, I could do better, I could be better then follow prayer, purpose, praise, perspective. If you want to make a change in your life, start with God.

“What you are is God’s gift to you, but what you become is your gift to God.”

9 thoughts on “Prayer. Purpose. Praise. Perspective

  1. This is very well written. What stuck out to me the most is when you mentioned “being a part of something that is bigger than you”. I feel the exact same way which is why I also began a website. I want the opportunity to be able to make a difference and have a positive impact on someone else’s life. Thank you for this post, it is very encouraging! Keep doing what you do!

  2. Reading stories like yours keeps me stronger and encouraged in God. Not that i doubt, but seeing other people experience God for He truly is excites me. Thank you for sharing your story Kylie. God Bless

  3. Hi Kylie,

    First, of I love your name. Secondly, thank you for following me and reaching out to me. I am truly sorry my response is coming late. I completely agree with your post. Most times the best form of witnessing is loving, caring and showing compassion to the person beside you. It doesn’t begin and end with preaching. Jesus went about doing good in the name of his father and that way, he won the heart of many although the world still hated him.

    I pray you to continue to bask in the love of Jesus Christ and continue to write your heart out. God bless you.

    1. Hi Whitney,

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog, I will continue to write what God lays on my heart! Thank you for the encouragement! I pray that God blesses you and does great things in your life! Thank you for reading and for your kind comment. 💕

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